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“Crown of Midnight” by Sarah J. Maas – Review

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

The “Throne of Glass” sequel “Crown of Midnight” is a fantastic continuation of the series. Everything I enjoyed in the first book could be found in the sequel. And the story got a little bit more interesting than in the first book. So this is one of the cases where the sequel outshines its prequel.


It is not going to be a very long review since I do not want to spoil anyone for the first book. I mean, most readers can guess how the first book ends since there is a whole series, but there are still a lot of things that one can be spoiled for. That is also why there will be no synopsis in this review.


Like I said I found the story a lot more interesting. The book centers more on the world building and politics. New characters are introduced and it is not always clear who is friend and who is foe. I like that in books. Who can be trusted and who cannot be trusted?


But at the same time Maas uses a plot tool I do not like at all: keeping secrets. I mean, if keeping the secrets make sense to me I do not have a problem with it. But most of the time those secrets are meant to create tensions and misunderstandings and I hate that. I do not care about stupid emotional fights just because someone does not say the truth. Just tell the truth! It will not change the whole world like it is often over-dramatically portrayed. Does Celaena have a secret she should not tell everyone? Yes! And I guessed that secret quite early in the first book and got it confirmed in the second book. But all those other secrets she keeps for “the sake of others”? Those are no reasonable secrets. They only exist so Maas can create a tension the reader can agonize over. And I just dislike storylines like that.


There is also a change in the main characters’ relationships. The dynamic changes. I am not sure I like all the changes. I think Chaol’s development is well thought out but I dislike the rupture between his and Dorien’s friendship. I feel like their friendship is so important and I hate to see that strain in it. At the same time there is a change in Celaena’s and Chaol’s relationship and while a lot of developments make sense I felt like some things are rushed and too out of proportion. It goes from one extreme to another. And Dorian’s storyline is one, I cannot wait to read more about!


All in all I enjoyed "Crown of Midnight" even more than the first book. The story develops nicely and gets more and more interesting to me. I have already picked up the third book and will certainly continue with the series (I believe, the series is supposed to have six books).