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Winter by Marissa Meyer - Review

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles) - Marissa Meyer

Winter is the fourth and last installment of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I finished this series with a smiling and a sad eye. I absolutely loved Winter. I think it is a perfect ending to this fantastic series. I wish it would continue but also couldn’t be happier about this last book.


To be honest, when I started reading Cinder 2 years ago I did not expect to start such a complex and layered sci-fi-story. I expected fairytale retellings in the typical YA fashion with a focus on the romance. How wrong I had been. As the story progressed during those four books, it became a complex story about character development, uncovering secrets, and the oldest problems of all: war between different cultures.


This was such a wonderful ride. The Lunar Chronicles have become one of my favorite series of all time. Marissa Meyer has a wonderful writing style that pulls the reader through the story without them realizing that they are actually reading and are not part of the story itself. Meyer had me feeling so many emotions: hate, love, sadness, happiness. That’s what books are all about!


Winter with its 800 pages is the longest book of the series. I was apprehensive of it. Could it have been shorter? Sure, but I honestly don’t know what could have been left out. During the whole book something is happening. Not once was I bored. From the first page to the last there is action and revolution planning going on. Where could it have been possibly shortened?


Could it have been split into two books? Sure, but I don’t know where the first book should have ended. Any split would have caused an outrage. So, yes, Winter is big. But it is so big because it has to be. So much needed to be told and Meyer managed that perfectly. There wasn’t a single scene that could have been left out. But also it did not feel like something was missing.


To me, it was a perfect book that had me left wishing just for one thing: that I had more time for reading. Well done, Marissa Meyer. Well done!