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2015 Reading Challenge
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Favorites - November

Shame on me, for not having posted anything since November 10th. My excuse? Work – like always. Though I am not sure it counts as an excuse. But I have been really busy.


Now November has passed and one of my favorite times of the year started: Advent season. I love it so much. My apartment is decorated and everything is set for coziness and relaxation.


This month I read 3 books and listened to 2 audiobooks. Lately I have not been too lucky with my audiobook picks. I rated the last 8 audiobooks all between 1 and 3 stars.  I hope that will change with the one I start today: “The Raven Boys.”


Now, usually I am not a seasonal reader but I have been in a mood for Christmas-themed books, so I kind of have a TBR for December: I am currently reading “Coming Home for Christmas” by Jenny Hale (got it for free *yay*). I ordered “My true Love gave to me” and “Winter”. I plan to read both of them in December. What else depends on how much reading time I will have.


But here are my favorites of November:



Hate List by Jennifer Brown

This book was a little different than I expected and I needed a little bit to get into the story but in the end I loved it. Fantastic read. Recommended to everyone.



Light ‘Em Up by Fall Out Boy

Love this song. Actually stumbled over it by watching a fanmade video of Void!Stiles (Teen Wolf). The video is fantastic and the song is just addicting.


TV Show

I did not have the time to watch a lot of TV this month. But a TV Show I enjoy watching again and again is


I’m always smiling while watching this show. I have not watched the episodes in order but that is the greatest thing about the show: you don’t have to.



So I bet you are expecting Mockingjay Part 2 but the sad truth is, I haven’t watched it yet. There has been some bullying of a bigger more expensive movie theater against a smaller cheaper movie theater in my home town which resulted in a belated showing of Mockingjay Part 2 in the smaller theater. I won’t be able watch it until the middle of December but I rather wait than support the other movie theater for their actions.

So I don’t really have a favorite for this month because I did not really watch a movie that blew me away.


Have you watched Mockingjay, yet? Did you like it?