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2015 Reading Challenge
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— feeling angry
Trial by Fire - Josephine Angelini

I hate how deceiving YA books have become.


I mean, when Twilight came out, you knew by reading the blurb that the book was a romance with a touch of fantasy. The Hunger Games promised a dystopia with a little romance on the side and it delivered. The Ruby Red series was supposed to be a cheesy romance with time travel and it was.


But now most books are being sold as fantasy or dystopian books when in fact they are romances with a little "twist". I hate that! If I want to read a romance book, I pick one up. But don't promise something that the book is not.


This book is a perfect example. I'm halfway through and all I hear is how beautiful Rowan (? sorry, I'm listening to the audiobook and don't know how his name is spelled) is or how Lily can't stop staring at him.


It's so disappointing. The blurb sounded really promising but now I'm just glad I never bought the book....