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2015 Reading Challenge
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To read or not to read

So, this book is out. And I am scared to pick it up. 

'Why', you ask?

Because I did not like Heir of Fire for the majority of the book. 

I have been looking at the reviews of Queen of Shadows and I fear, I might be bored again. This book is too HUGE to be boring.

I don't like the character developement of Celeana. I don't like Rowan. I love Chaol and Dorien. And contrary to most I liked Manon's storyline (that was what kept me going in Heir of Fire). 

Unfortunately to me, it all points to this book focusing on Rowan and Celeana and less on Dorien and Chaol.  :(

I worry this might become another The Mortal Instrument series for me where I hate the main characters and read the story for the side characters.


Have you read Queen of Shadows, yet? Do you recommend it?