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End of Days by Susan Ee - Review

End of Days - Susan Ee

End of Days is the third and last installment of the Penryn and the End of Days series by Susan Ee. It is a fantastic conclusion of the trilogy. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. I had so many feelings while reading.


Like the first two books this book is full of action and fighting scenes. We also have Penryn and Raffe back together and the angst about will-they-get-together-or-not continues. Their chemistry is truly amazing and a joy to read about. It is one of my favorite book couples.


I liked how Susan Ee let the series end. It all added up fine. My favorite scene, though, was the Talent Show by the twins. I love how Susan Ee showed through this show what being human means, what makes our race so special and different. During the course of the trilogy Ee demonstrated over and over again how cruel we humans are, especially during desperate times. And I know this is exactly how we are. But during that Talent Show she finally emphasized what makes us special, what makes us human. I cried rivers reading that scene. It caught my heart by surprise and squeezed hard. Beautiful, Mrs. Ee! This is the art of writing.


I can highly recommend this series. I am happy that I finally picked it up and if somebody is still contemplating if they should read this series or not (maybe because it is about angels – which is why I stayed away for so long), read it! You will not be disappointed!