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Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini

This book is making me aggressive. I really dislike the main character at this point. The writing is very, VERY simple (maybe I am too old for this book). And I can't keep from rolling my eyes constantly. The idea behind the story is great, the execusion horrible.

Exhibit 1:

Other Person: "Helen, you are a half-god."

Helen: "Okay."

Yeah, that's a normal reaction to someone telling you, you are a half-god.


Exhibit 2:

Helen goes absolutely crazy with hate for someone she never met, then she suddenly likes that person just fine, and she never wonders about her feelings at all. Just go with the flow...


Exhibit 3:

Helen realizing that she can fly: "Oh, cool."

Just WTF?!!!!


I might actually DNF this one. Would be the first in months....