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2015 Reading Challenge
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Travel reads

So I am going on a trip to Vietnam soon and I am really excited. I plan on taking my kindle with me. I need your help because I can't decide between two series that I want to read. 


The Infernal Devices

I read The Mortal Instrument series and while I liked it I can't say I loved it. The main reason for that is that I hated Clary and Jace. But I really enjoyed all the other characters and the story was pretty interesting, too. I am a little bit worried that I won't like the main characters again but then a lot of people are saying TID series is better than TMI series. What do you think? Should I read this?





Or should I read the Angelfall series? I thought about reading this for a long time now. I am not so sure about the angels but I read a lot of good reviews. Maybe this would be the better choice for my trip?


I hope you can help me out. I can't make up my mind. What is your recommendation?