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Firelight by Sophie Jordan - Audiobook Review

Firelight - Sophie Jordan

When I started listening to the audiobook of “Firelight” I had no idea that it was by the same author who wrote “Uninvited”. It was a pleasant surprised. Unfortunately, “Firelight” cannot compete. The book started out great. The first chapter was amazing. I am usually not that interested in dragon stories but the way Jordan handled the topic was very much to my liking.


This book held so much potential but did not deliver. After the first third “Firelight” turned from a YA fantasy book to a cheesy, melodramatic romance book. What a disappointment. It is not even that I did not like the main characters or the romance itself, I disliked that suddenly the whole book was just about the romance. I wanted it to be more than that.


Otherwise the book is written just fine. It is easy to follow and has no weird writing style. I can recommend this book to someone who is looking for a romance novel with a touch of fantasy in it. I have not decided yet, if I will pick up the second audiobook of this series. I might if I find nothing better in my library.