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Uninvited by Sophie Jordan - Review

Uninvited - Sophie Jordan

What drew me to Uninvited was the idea of using genetic information to predict a human beings future actions. Coming from the medical area I know a thing or two about decoding the DNA. The idea of the book is not that unrealistic and that is what got me curious.


I loved the beginning of the book. I could tell that Jordan put thoughts into the society she created, how the ‘killer gene’ affects people and what reaction it causes. So, the beginning was great. We meet Davy the perfect American girl, that is pretty, well-loved, and very talented. And then she gets tested positive for the killer gene. Her whole world changes. Her friends abandon her, her family falls apart under the helplessness, and her life falls under uncountable restrictions.


What I liked most was how Davy had to change her mind about the society as well. She had believed that every person that was diagnosed with the ‘killer gene’ had actually been a bad person, that they deserved the treatment they got from the government, that they were bad people. Now that she was one of them and knew that she never hurt a soul in her whole live, she had to reevaluate if everything they were told really was the truth. Ironically, by treating them like criminals the killing gene carriers are pushed into becoming criminals.


The whole concept was really interesting and I would have loved to explore it more but unfortunately around the middle of the book Davy gets sent to a special camp. From that point on Jordan loses herself a little bit. The book turns into a typical YA book. It was still a good book but did not reach greatness anymore that it could have been.