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Snow like Ashes by Sara Raasch - Review

Snow Like Ashes - Sara Raasch

I loved this book. It is a solid fantasy book with a thought through magic system. The world is creative without being too confusing. The main characters are interesting and enjoyable.


What I liked most about Meira – the main character – is that she does not lose focus. She scolds herself when she is whining about living in a palace and having to wear a beautiful dress. Thank you, Sara Raasch. Finally someone is handling the cliché of female warriors complaining about pretty dresses when there is a war going on sensibly.  I really enjoyed that about Meira. Most of the time she tries to handle her hardship and injustice with grace and understanding.


Of course there is a love triangle but for now I do not mind. It is not really a love triangle yet, and I understand where it is coming from. If you grow up with only one other boy in your age and you have a great friendship, I see were other feelings might come from. But I also understand that you might fall for a new guy when you are suddenly confronted with other men your age who show interest in you. That is what happens to Meira. I know who I am rooting for and I am curious to see, how Raasch will handle this love story.


All in all, Snow like Ashes is a solid fantasy debut. It does not reinvent the fantasy genre but it is well written and holds much potential. As a fantasy reader I really enjoyed this book. It has its focus more on the world and the happenings taking place than the romance and I liked that.