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A Different Kind of Top 5 Wednesday - Worst Series Ending

So, I know it's Wednesday and this is where I usually post a Top 5 Wednesday post but this time I decided to post only one answer to a Top 5 Wednesday topic. And it's going to be about last week's topic: Worst Series Endings


The one answer that I am going to give is:


The Epilogue of the Harry Potter series.



Yes, I said it. I HATE the epilogue of the last Harry Potter book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".


Many years back, I remember reading an interview Rowling gave, where she mentioned that the epilogue of the last book was already written and put away in a safe. So while reading the series and waiting and waiting for the next books to come out, I always wondered about the epilogue. I waited patiently for the ending of my amazing childhood journey.


And then the last book came out. I flew through it and loved it so much. And then there it was: the moment I had been waiting for. The last chapter. The epilogue that had been in Rowling's mind all the time. I was so excited.


And what did it turn out to be?! A cheesy, Hollywood-like b*****t! That epilogue was horrible! It did not add to the story at all, was completely unnecessary, and gave the reader the impression the world is a pink lollipop. Seriously, what the heck had Rowling been thinking? It felt like I had fallen into a cheesy Hollywood romance movie. 


I don't know what I had expected but that was not it. At the end of the book I felt like I great epilogue would have been something like this: 


A few years in the future Harry and Teddy go to Remus' and Tonks' grave again and Harry says something truly meaningful.


I mean, Rowling created some amazing quotes and something like this would have been the perfect ending. But the whole 'everyone got married to their first love and had children with names of all the dead ones' nonsense just blew my mind. The ending could not have been worse.


So, for me, the book ends before the epilogue. I have never read the epilogue again and I don't think I ever will again. Harry Potter is so much more than a cheesy Hollywood ending.