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Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Gier - Audiobook Review

Dream a Little Dream (The Silver Trilogy) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell

“Dream a Little Dream” by Kerstin Gier is the first book of The Silver Trilogy, her new young adult book series.


The book centers around Liv Silver, a 15-year-old girl, who moves with her mum, her sister, and her nanny to London, England. Instead of time travel, Gier uses dreams as her fantastical ingredient. Liv starts to dream about some boys from her school – nothing uncommon for her age – but for some reasons she knows things about those boys that she could never know since she only learned about that in her dreams.


I really liked the idea of the story and since I enjoyed the Ruby Red Trilogy, I wanted to listen to this book very badly. Unfortunately, I had two major problems with this book. Number 1 is not Gier’s fault at all: I am too old for this series. Many problems 15-year-old Liv had I could not relate to. While I could oversee that in the Ruby Red Trilogy with all the time travel going on, I noticed my own age and therefore my shifted interest a lot in this book. I might have enjoyed this book if I was still in my teens.


But I think the reason it bothered me so much has to do with number 2: I could not see a real storyline in this book. There is something going on but there is no purpose. The whole time I was wondering why is she dreaming the way she is. And what purpose does the book have? What is the trilogy going to be about? Those questions are not answered. And because I was missing a real storyline, I focused too much on the characters and the immaturity of Liv.


Talking about characters, I would have hit something if I had a mum like Liv does. Some of the things she did left me speechless. And I got even more agitated when Liv just accepted all the things her mum did. Uhhh, that woman frustrated me so much.


Now would I recommend this book? Well, I guess, if you are in your teens and want to read something light or if you do not mind teenager “problems” than this book is a fun read.


Release date for the English version: April 14th 2015