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The Broker by John Grisham - Audiobook Review

The Broker - John Grisham

I have read a few of John Grisham’s book and while some are really gripping and intense some are just not. Unfortunately, “The Broker” belongs to the second category.


Someone described this book as a travel guide for Italy with language lessons. I find this description very fitting. What is supposed to be a thrilling story about political power plays and manhunting turns into a boring sightseeing tour of Italy. I had the feeling Grisham had just returned from Italy and was so impressed by the beautiful country (and nothing wrong with that) that he wanted to write a travel book but did not have the courage to do so. Instead, he kind of created a storyline that could pass as a thriller and wrote his travel book around it. That way, he thought, he could satisfy his fans.


The result, unfortunately, is disappointing and boring. If I had read it and not listened to an audiobook I would have never finished the book. Even at the very end when the actual manhunting started, Grisham did not manage to build any suspense. The reason I gave this book one and a HALF stars is, that the idea of the story was great. The execution, however, was done very poorly.  I cannot recommend this book to anyone. Even Grisham fans should stay away.