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"Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.”

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2015 Reading Challenge
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No time for reading

You know those times when you are so busy that you have no time for reading? And I don't mean just for a day. I mean days and days that turn into weeks. 


I currently have that problem. I am so busy at work right now and after work I am busy with planning me moving into my new appartment next week.


So at the end of the day I fall into bed and it's the first few minutes of the day that I have time to pick up a book. But I'm so tired that only two pages in, I physically can't keep my eyes open anymore.


The worst thing is, that it frustrates me. It's not like I don't care that I can't read because I don't have time. I miss it! I see my book lying next to my bed and I want to pick it up. 


Hopefully after this week it will get better again. I need a good day during which I do nothing but reading.