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What I Did For Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Audiobook Review

What I Did for Love - Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Julia Gibson

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is my favorite chick lit author. I do not read much chick lit because it gets predictive and boring but I usually fly through Phillips books. My favorites are her books from the Chicago Stars series but I also enjoy the Wynette-Texas series. I do not find her standalones as catchy and enjoyable but they tend to be okay. “What I Did For Love” is a standalone and also the first book by Phillips I heard as an audiobook. The book was good. It was not outstanding or noteworthy but I enjoyed it.


The story is simple: Georgie York and Bramwell Shepard worked as teenagers as stars of a television show together and now hate each other. Hate that turns to love. The ingredients in chick lit books are always the same. While these ingredients always work well together in Phillips’ other series, I usually find something to be desired for in her standalones. The main characters are alright and the story flows easily, but everything is so predictable.


And I wonder if I have never noticed this before when I was reading the books instead of listening to an audiobook or if there are just more in this book, but there were so many sex scenes that had no purpose at all. Maybe it just irritated me because I was driving to work while I listened to it. I also did not like the change of narrator in this book. Almost the whole book was written from Georgie’s point of view but in between there were short parts from Bramwell’s point of view. These parts were so short, not even a chapter long, that it made no sense why the change of view was even there. It was inconsistent. Additionally, I got a little confused since the production company of the audiobook did not pause after the end of a chapter. They just continued on even though there was a change of scenery or people talking.


All in all, it was fun listening to the audiobook but it is certainly not my favorite Phillips book.