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Hummeldumm by Tommy Jaud - Audiobook Review

Hummeldumm: Das Roman - Tommy Jaud

Okay, so here is a little background story to this book: A few years back when this book was popular in Germany I was standing at the airport in Munich waiting for my flight to Namibia, Africa. Now you need to know that Hummeldumm is about a couple that is doing a group tour in Namibia. The whole experience is written down in a very funny way. I, on the other hand, was going to stay in Namibia for 8 weeks and only at the very end I planned a group tour just like that. So while I was waiting for the boarding to start I stood next to this book store and Hummeldumm was on display. I picked it up and started reading. Two chapters in I was laughing out loud and was scared to pieces. I decided to not read this book until I was back from Namibia and had survived my group tour.


All these years I wanted to read this book but never got to it. Now I finally listened to the audiobook. This book was hilarious at times. I was always smiling or even laughing while listening to the audiobook. I could enjoy it even more since I had been to Namibia and could relate to many things and knew what the places looked like.


There was one part of the story that brought my enjoyment down a little bit. The main character has a problem during the trip that he needs to solve and this problem had me nervous the whole time. I wanted it to be solved and out of the way so that I could enjoy everything else that was going on, but that did not happen. Without that this book would have been a 4.5 stars.


Especially since Tommy Jaud reads this book himself and he is doing an amazing job! The dialects are on point and so funny! He should read more books. I would certainly enjoy listening to him.