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The Tenth Circle by Jody Picoult - Audiobook Review

The Tenth Circle - Jodi Picoult

Jody Picoult is an author who wrote some of my favorite books (“My Sister’s Keeper”, “19 Minutes”). What I like about her books is that she chooses interesting topics and usually handles these topics very well.


“The Tenth Circle” centers around a rape incident and the consequences it causes to everyone involved. I must say while I liked the story in the beginning, I feel like Picoult lost herself in too many sub-storylines. If she had focused on the rape incident alone, it could have been an awesome book, but the way it was, it felt all over the place.


The worst part for me was that I did not trust Trixie at all. I did not believe her, so the whole time I was waiting for a bomb to drop. I sympathized with her father a lot more. He seemed like an interesting character. I kind of wished Picoult had told his story in a book of its own. Instead she chose to cramp his story into the book, as well. And while it was interesting, it did not improve the story at all. There was just too much going on at the same time, so that Picoult’s usually subtle handling of difficult topics totally got lost. The story was not about the rape anymore. It was about everything else that was going on.


All in all, “The Tenth Circle” is not one of Picoult’s best books. I would recommend other books of her to first time readers.