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Die Wanderhure by Iny Lorentz - Audiobook Review

Die Wanderhure - I. Lorentz

"Die Wanderhure" is a book about Marie who is supposed to marry a nobleman but gets screwed over and ends up on the streets as a wandering whore. This book had been a bestseller and was made into a movie. I usually do not read historical books, which is why I have not read this book. When I got the chance to listen to the audiobook I took it.


Unfortunately, I am not too impressed by it. The beginning was quite exciting and the end when everything was resolved was interesting but in between the story dragged on. I saw no point behind some of the stories that were told.


Marie is likeable enough and I felt sympathetic for at the beginning but after a while I did not care what happened to her one way or another. I cannot see how this book has become so popular. Maybe it is simply the wrong genre for me. I am glad I listened to the audiobook because I was always curious about the book and I would have never finished it if I had read it, but I will not continue on with the series.


What I liked most about the audiobook was Anne Moll’s reading. She has a very soothing voice and she kept the book with her vocalization interesting enough for me to finish.